About Us

What We Are

Mama Ruby's Inner Light Festival is a twice a year event that brings together holistic and metphysical vendors, readers, alternate health practitioners, seekers, friends and more.  It's a safe and joyful environment in which to play, meet and learn. You will encounter unique vendors, wonderful holistic practitioners to massage, detox or energize you, and enjoy some great seminars....or perhaps learn about your future with a loving array of readers, mystics and more.

Who We Are

Mama Ruby's Inner Light Festival is just one of the unique events created and produced by Mama Rubys.  Visit us to learn about our other Events!

Our History

Reverend Steve Roden created the Inner Light Festivals in 2005 as an event at which people could learn about the Law of Attraction, Astrology, Meditation and more.  Through the years it has grown to be known as a great place to ask questions, and to get answers! Steve retired in 2017, and entrusted Mama Rubys to take good care of the ILF.