November Vendors - THEY ARE AMAZING!

Vendors, Readers, Artists, Healers & More IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

AKASHIC AWARENESS STONE EMPORIUM - Stones, Crystals, Jewelry & More!  Visit Akashic Awareness to take a break on the BioMats or learn other relaxing techniques.  

SESSIONS WITH SPIRIT - Rose Campbell makes Person Connections with the Celestial Realms for Your Insight and Advice    

JOANIE CONN - Joanie uses tarot cards, as well as Angel Cards to receive Messages for her clients.


SPRINT - Visit our Sponsor Sprint who will be offering a FREE CHARGING STATION for your phones & electronics!   

HARMONY NOW - Michael & Cindy Fess: Artisan Jewelry, New Age Music, Guided Meditations & More   

ANGEL VISIONS - Allow Deborah Marnhout, Spiritual Angelic Messenger, to receive you personal Angelic Message through Automatic Writing. D.MARNHOUT111@YAHOO.COM  

MAMAS SHOP - Visit Mama Ruby's Shop for your Tees and Books and more! 

HELLO MOONBOW - Beautiful, unique and intricate Wire-Wrapped Jewelry.

WITHIN WITHOUT CREATIONS - Sara offers extraordinary Native Inspired Art, GourdArt, Dream Catchers, Pouches, Fans and much more.  All are unique and lovely.   

SHAMANIC CONSULTATIONS by JOANNA -  JoAnna provides oracle card readings and channeled messages for life journey guidance.    

UNBLOCK & MANIFEST - Jamie is a Healer, Life Coach and Teacher who specializes in helping you heal.

GHOST HUNT WEEKENDS - Chad Morin Hosts Weekend Events at Purported Haunted Locations    

ERIE INSURANCE - Visit Jay to discuss your insurance needs.

JADE IMAGES - Let Duncan capture your special trip to the Inner Light Festival with a personal photograph!

COVELLO GLASS & WOODWORKS - Beautiful Stained Glass pieces affordably priced, as well as custom order fulfillment

ASHLEY EVANS Master Psychic Healing - Ashley offers Palm Reading, Tarot, Energy and Crystal Readings and Mediumship.  

CHRISTOPHER SAINT & RACHEL MARIE BOOTH -   Christopher and Rachel Booth, artists, authors and motivational speakers. The latest spiritual art, jewelry, natural body products and oils will be showcased. As seen on Syfy and Discovery Networks. Books, DVDs, Jewelry and Oils by the Booths will also be featured. 

ANGEL HEALING FAIRY MAGIC with JENNY ABELL & LASCA KISSLINGER - Offers hand-made Jewelry, Custom Wire Wrapping, a large selection of Tumbled Stones, Quartz Crystals and other stones.  

OHM AURA READINGS - Jim will take your Aura Photo with a traditional Aura Camera, and then will offer a Reading based on your Auric Field!   

4TH GENERATION PSYCHIC-MEDIUM & TAROT READER - Join Reverend Tracie Redden-Frick as she offers Psychic Mediumship, Spirit Communication and Tarot  

HIDDEN PATH - SANDY STEPHENSON: Intuitive Tarot Readings; Love & Life Coach Guru  STEPHENSON2391SS@YAHOO.COM  

WICKED GLASS & WANDERLUST DESIGNS - This unique shop offers Witch Balls, Prisms, Mandala Art, Runes, Bumper Stickers, Hand Blown Glass items, Bags, Wanderlust Items, Art, Pins, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Windchimes, Falsaa Blankets, Leather Crafted items, Furrybones & More

IRIGENICS ANCESTRAL EYE READINGS - Discover the Ancestral Treasure Map in your Eyes, of the life You were born to live.

MEDIUMSHIP with CHRISTINA - Let Christina give you a Tarot Reading, or help you talked with your past loved ones with her Mediumship services.

QEST FOR HEALTH - Visit Linda for a Qest For Health Bio Energetic Scan.


PRIVATE READINGS WITH LAYLA COOK - From 3:00 to 5:00 Sunday Only.  Certified Intuitive Counseling Sessions - Life Path Coaching, Manifestation Consults, Oracle Readings  By Appointment Only!  TEXT 859-619-9998 or Pre-Purchase Here!


PSYCHIC ARTIST SHAY - Professional Artist & Psychic Medium offering Spirit Art Readings, Reiki, & Mediumship  

SOULGLAD COACHING - Sound Therapy & Trauma Releasing. Carol Gailey releases trauma & emotional issues using Tuning Forks, and sells the tools as well.  Go see her for a 'Tune Up'!

BLULEAF NATURALS - The best in Full Spectrum CBD oils and other products made from Kentucky grown Industrial Hemp cannabinoids. 

HOLLY McCULLOUGH PSYCHIC MEDIUM offers Psychic/Mediumship Readings, Akashic Record Readings and Past Life Readings.    


WICKED TREASURE - Hand crafted jewelry, Fairy Crowns, trinket boxes inspired by nature!  Whimsical treasures from stones, pearls, art glass and more.  Wickedly delightful trinkets you'll treasure!

CONVERSATIONS w/ STEVE - Visit Reverend Steve Roden for some insightful and important information, as he offers you an Intuitive Reading.

NOTHING TO IT NAILS with CHRISSY - Let Chrissy brighten you up with Color Street Nail Polish Strips

RUN 2 THE WILD - Visit Courtney's beautiful Jewelry created for the Spirit using genuine stones & designs that remind you or your purpose and true being.

SPIRIT MECHANIX - This Group, Led by Stephen Smith,  Provides Aura Cleansing, Chakra Alignment, Attachment Removal, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Healing & Stone & Crystal Attunements  

REVIVE FIR SAUNAS - Feel the heat, while you receive the health benefits  of the infrared saunas!   

3RD EYE PSYCHIC - Let Priestess Calister offer you Tarot
Readings or Talking Board with Pendulum Readings

GOOD JOURNEYS - Psychic & Tarot card Readings and Metaphysical Products

GIMME HUGS DUDE! - Handcrafted Healing & Spiritual beaded stone jewelry

HORSEFEATHERS - Offers Handmade Aprons, Pillows, Bowl Cozies, Potholders, Totes and More! HORSEFEATHERS@GMAIL.COM 

REVIVE NATURAPATH FOOT DETOX With FREIDA MEE - Get rid of the cooties!   

SPIRITUAL MESSENGER - Sharon Cassel offers Mediumship, Palmistry and is an Oracle Card Reader 

SOUL PURPOSE READINGS - Laura Graves & Katie Garber offer Akashic Record, Mediumship, Psychic & Tarot Readings, along with Unique products for Energy Care & Alignment.

OF EARTH AND MOON - Reiki & Crystal Healing sessions; Medicine Card Readings & Lithomancy.  After your healing session, Amanda will help you find the Spiritual Tools to aid you in life.  It is her mission to help others toward better quality of life.

RJ DEACON - Offers Mediumship and Empathic Readings

E.P.I.C. CONSCIOUS LIVING MAGAZINE: BLUEGRASS EDITION - Meet the folks behind this new magazine for the Bluegrass area for Spirituality, Health, and Sustainability.    

COMMONWEALTH ACUPUNCTURE - Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist Offering Auricular Acupuncture & Essential Oil Blends, as well as Neurofeedback.

CHASING WOLF CREATIONS - Chasing Wolf Creations is the spiritual, visionary artwork of Kevin Chasing Wolf Hutchins.  Kevin's inspiration is  from dreams, visions and Native American teachings. His paintings are vibrant and inspiring!   

THE ARTISTS BOUTIQUE - Offering Tarot, Pendulum & Aura Readings, Aura Cleansings, Chakra Healing, Native American Crafts, Jewelry, Wands, Spirit Boards, Flutes and more.   

THE STILL SHOW - A tiny shop of Handmade Curiosities by Artist Sara Josephine Clarke.  Find alchemical olfactive formulations, as well as fabric, painted, sculpted unique art objects.  Also visit Dylan Clarke, who offers tarot, and is a Master Practitioner of NLP and is an experienced Hypnotherapist.

GREYWOLF HOWLING ANIMAL SPIRIT READINGS - Native American Animal Spirit Card Readings, Magical Mermaid & Dolphin Card Readings, and receive Channeled Messages from Geronimo!