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Join Ghost Hunt Weekends for weekend getaways at famed and feared haunted or historic locations for live ghost hunts, demonstrations, classes & more!  Visit Chad Morin and, usually, celebrated guests from the paranormal field, or paranormal reality show, for unique & fun weekends.


Each month offering the best in psychics, intuitives, and mediums, as well as a variety of metaphysical vendors, local artisans and crafters, and independently owned small merchants who offer unique and special items.  Every month in Lexington, KY

MIMI'S Southern Style Cooking

If you are missing Grandma's cooking, then this is the restaurant or caterer for YOU!  Featuring fresh food made from scratch, they offer every comfort food imaginable; perfectly prepared and perfectly fulfilling - featured menus daily, along with a standard menu. In Lexington, KY


In its 11th year, The ScareFest is THE Premier Celebrity, Horor Fandom and Halloween Expo.  Every fall in Lexington, KY 

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The BEST selection of rare and unique tarot, sterling silver jewelry, and unusual metaphysical items!  A truly one of a kind shopping experience!

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  1. *The 2nd Largest of the 3 Mama Ruby Shows “Festival/Large Fair” model.
  2. *Three times  Per Year (Feb, June, Nov)
  3. *Operation consecutively for over 12 years
  4. * Special Interest driven fan base, with a Celebrity element
  5. *Held at The Clarion Hotel &  Convention Center. located off of Lexington’s main artery to I-75 corridor. 
  6. *Attendance of Approximately 1200  
  7. *Generates Revenue for 2-3 Lexington Hotels & other businesses. 
  8. *65 paid vendor booths
  9. *Newsletter reach of over 22000 contacts
  10. *Located within 3 hours of several  major metropolitan districts, reaching over 1.4 million people in our marketing. 
  11. *Marketing budget includes major network tv commercials, local, regional and streaming radio station ads, local and regional print advertising & Nationwide advertising on multiple website & streaming/social media platforms. 
  12. *Partnerships with several highly attended events & businesses to expand our reach & our Sponsor’s reach. 
  13. *Customer demographics are predominantly female (64%), Homeowners, Single (includes widowed & divorced), Hold Professional sector jobs or retired (71% includes both retired & currently employed) and share a vested interest in self help/improvement topics. 

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