This Past June's Vendors - November's Coming Soon!

Vendors, Readers, Artists, Healers & More IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER - More Added Weekly

AKASHIC AWARENESS STONE EMPORIUM - Stones, Crystals, Jewelry & More!  Visit Akashic Awareness to take a break on the BioMats or learn other relaxing techniques.  BOOTHS 51 & 52

LION and DRAGON YOGA BODYWORKS - Let Lion & Dragon help you with Thai Bodywork as well as Thai Acupressure  BOOTH 7

JOANIE CONN - Intuitive Reader  BOOTH 31

SPRINT - Visit our Sponsor Sprint who will be offering a free Charging Station for your phones & electronics!  BOOTH 53

HARMONY NOW - Michael & Cindy Fess: Artisan Jewelry, New Age Music, Guided Meditations & More  BOOTH 12

ANGEL VISIONS - Allow Deborah Marnhout, Spiritual Angelic Messenger, to receive you personal Angelic Message. D.MARNHOUT111@YAHOO.COM  BOOTH 32

WITHIN WITHOUT CREATIONS - Sara offers extraordinary Native Inspired Art, GourdArt, Dream Catchers, Pouches, Fans and much more.  All are unique and lovely.  BOOTH 8

JOANNA DICKEY - Shamanic Consultations & Readings, Oracle Readings and Channeled Messages  BOOTH  21

JENNI WEBB ASTROLOGY - Astrology Charts & Readings   BOOTH 4

GHOST HUNT WEEKENDS - Chad Morin Hosts Weekend Events at Purported Haunted Locations    BOOTH 48

THE TENNESSEE WRAITH CHASERS - Visit Chris Smith and Mike Goncalves of the TWC, as seen on Destination America, Travel Channel and more! BOOTH 49

KELLY McCULLOUGH offers Stone and Crystal Energywork, Etheric Field Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Empathic Intuitive Readings, Mediumshop, Psychometric and Aroma Touch Hand Technique  BOOTH 6

GOOD JOURNEYS - Good Journeys offers Psychic Readings, Crystals, Stones, Meditation CDs, Books & More!  Visit Jeffrey for your Metaphysical Needs!  BOOTH 28

ASHLEY EVANS Master Psychic Healing - Ashley offers Palm Reading, Tarot, Energy and Crystal Readings and Mediumship. BOOTH 25

PANTHER TOTEM BLESSINGS - Let Judy & Marydale offer you Herbs, Honey, Health Readings and Health Solutions!  BOOTH 42

ANGEL HEALING FAIRY MAGIC - Offers hand-made Jewelry, Custom Wire Wrapping, a large selection of Tumbled Stones, Quartz Crystals and other stones.  BOOTH 2

OHM AURA READINGS - Jim will take your Aura Photo with a traditional Aura Camera, and then will offer a Reading based on your Auric Field!  BOOTH 5

WICKED WINGLINGS - Wickedly Cute Sculptures & More: Hand-sculpted Dragons and Pendants  BOOTH 3

HIDDEN PATH - SANDY STEPHENSON: Intuitive Tarot Readings; Love & Life Coach Guru  STEPHENSON2391SS@YAHOO.COM  BOOTH 24

KY LOVE DOCTOR - Missy Swango offers Relationship & Intimacy Consults  BOOTH 34

SHAMANIC HEALING WITH LARRY - Allow Shamanic Healer Larry Crockett relieve all manner of Energetic Issues and give you an Energetic Tune Up!  BOOTH 27

READINGS WITH KELIANN - Allow Keliann to help you connect with your own Guides & Guardians.  BOOTH 27

FEATHERHAWK offers Featherhawk Essences, Healing Water Tools and Healing Jewelry  


VIP LULAROE KELLEY MELLEMA - Visit Kelley for a wide selection of your favorite Lularoe Leggings and clothing.  BOOTH 40


PSYCHIC ARTIST SHAY - Professional Artist & Psychic Medium offering Spirit Art Readings, Reiki, & Mediumship  BOOTH 22

LINDA DULICAI of THE HEALTHY ZONE - offering ASEA as well as Emotional Reading & Clearing and Energy Sessions  BOOTH 29

FULL SPECTRUM HERBALS - The best in CBD oils and other products made from Industrial Hemp cannabinoids using locally grown hemp.   BOOTH 17

HOLLY McCULLOUGH PSYCHIC MEDIUM offers Psychic Medium Readings, Akashic Record Readings and Reiki/Energy Sessions.  BOOTH 30




PATTI STARR - Receive a Reading, or perhaps Energy work.  Take time too to learn about Patti's Kentucky Ghost Walks!  BOOTH 47

OPAL'S TRUTH offers Dylan Bell and Alex Schwinghamer.  Dylan is an Intuitive Medium with clientele nationwide, offering Intuitive Card Readings & Mediumship with the purpose of Honoring Souls & Harmonizing Lives.  Alex connects to your Spirit Guide and Angel to give messages through Intuitive Card Readings & Channeled Poetry.  BOOTH 20

SPIRIT SCRIBE Lahnna Harris offers Channeled, Written Messages from your Angles & Guides, and brings her CHAKRA STATION to offer you All Things Chakra for Your Journey to Balance.  BOOTH 10

SPIRIT MECHANIX - This Group, Led by Stephen Smith,  Provides Aura Cleansing, Chakra Alignment, Attachment Removal, Past Life Regression & Spiritual Healing  BOOTH 46

REVIVE FIR SAUNAS - Feel the heat, while you receive the health benefits  of the infrared saunas!  BOOTH 36

EARTH CIRCLE CREATIONS - Organic Hand Crafted Soaps, herbs and a whole lot more!  


THOUSAND PETALS - Is a Journey into the Sacred Vibrations & Magic of Sound, Light, Aromas & More.  Rose Howard offers Therapeutic Essential Oils Infused with Sound Frequencies.  BOOTH 41

CANDLES BY JENNI offers extraordinary Candles, Soaps and Bath Bombs; some of the most intricate designs we've seen!  BOOTH 18

OF EARTH AND MOON - Amanda Wade, CCH and Clairvoyant offers Mini Crystal Healing sessions.  She reads Medicine Cards, and offers unique Grids, Handcrafted Activation Wands, Gem Elixirs & other metaphysical & healing tools.  She also accepts custom orders.  BOOTH 16


SPIRITUAL MESSENGER - Sharon Cassel offers Mediumship, Palmistry and is an Oracle Card Reader  SHARONSEES2@GMAIL.COM

ANCIENT AROMAS offers all natural Body Products, including vegan and Hemp lines.  Includes Body Butters, Liquid Hand Soap, Bar Soaps, Lip Balms, Bath Bombs and Shower Melts, Lotions and Serums.  BOOTH 11

REV TRACIE REDDEN-FRICK - Reverend Tracie offers Readings using Tarot, Runes and her generational gift of  discernment and healing.  BOOTH 26

CAROL GAILEY -  is a Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher, Licensed Spiritual Healer, and Health Coach.  See her to receive Sound Therapy and more.  BOOTH

COSMIC HEALING DISCS - Cosmic Healing Discs are a beautiful & progressive technology that will assist you into reaching Higher States of Consciousness and Physical Healing that begins by clearing physical, mental & emotional bodies and negative thought forms. BOOTH 13

IT WORKS GLOBAL with Sharlena Young - It Works is a Health and Wellness company.  


CHASING WOLF CREATIONS - Chasing Wolf Creations is the spiritual, visionary artwork of Kevin Chasing Wolf Hutchins.  Kevin's inspiration is  from dreams, visions and Native American teachings. His paintings are vibrant and inspiring!  BOOTH 9

THE ARTISTS BOUTIQUE - Offering Tarot, Pendulum & Aura Readings, Aura Cleansings, Chakra Healing, Native American Crafts, Jewelry, Wands, Spirit Boards, Flutes and more.  BOOTH 43

THE CAT'S MEOW TAROT & TALISMANS -   Kennedy is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader · Clairvoyant Medium/Channel · Reiki Practitioner · Spiritual/Empathic Healer · Jewelry and Talisman Designer  BOOTH 23